Cosmetic Dermatology
Cultivating healthy, glowing skin starts from the inside out.

Facial PRP & Hair Restoration

Liquid Gold For your Skin & Hair

A concentrated serum of growth factors

PRP, also known platelet-rich plasma therapy, the vampire facial, the blood facial or prp hair restoration is a treatment that uses your own blood to recharge your skin and hair. Your blood is drawn by standard blood draw, then put into a centrifuge where it is spun to separate the red blood cells from the plasma. The plasma, rich in platelets, growth and healing factors is then applied during your microneedling session or injected across the scalp at the level of the hair follicles. Historically, PRP has been used in orthopedic medicine, dentistry and reconstructive surgery to help speed up wound healing and recovery. Now it’s one of the most popular treatments in aesthetic medicine to help damaged, aging skin grow new collagen and elastin for beautiful, youthful results. PRP is one of the most sought after treatment options for hair loss as it increases hair count, hair thickness, and the growth phase of the hair cycle.







  • AGING SKIN & Volume Loss

  • under-eye puffiness & dark circles

  • Body Scars

  • Cellulite

  • Thinning Hair

  • Receding Hair Line

  • Early Hair Loss

  • Alopecia

Why Do We Microneedle with Your PRP Facial?

When PRP is used with microneedling, it penetrates more evenly and deeply into your skin through the tiny channels created by the treatment.

Is there a prep phase Before my Facial or Hair treatment?

For a maximal harvest of good quality growth serum, patients typically undergo a few weeks of ‘prep’ prior to their treatment to ensure the serum extracted for injection or application is of excellent quality. PRP prep may include increasing water intake, increasing nutrient status with dietary modification, nutrient supplementation or IV Nutrient Therapy alongside supporting sleep, energy and stress levels. Although not everyone is a suitable candidate for PRP therapy, many patients are able to experience the results of treatment once they’ve addressed and improved upon underlying health issues. A consultation with Dr. Overton, ND is required prior to undergoing PRP therapy; this will help determine your eligibility for this treatment and allow her your plan your path to healthy skin and hair.

Will there be down time?

Patients may except minor swelling, bruising and redness for up to 10 days after their treatment. If performed with microneedling, patients may also experience some dryness and flaking of the skin as they are healing. Often side-effects are mild and resolve quickly, however it is always best to plan your treatments around vacations and special events by at least 2 weeks.